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We make every effort to be a Green business. This doesn't mean that we charge our customers more to buy carbon credits or raise prices to meet some newly made up green standard. Going green doesn't mean spending more money. Unfortunately, most people will try to tell you that GREEN is more expensive, it is not. Our GREEN changes have not only benefited the environment but our customers' bottom line, our bottom line, time savings for us and our clients' in a win-win-win solution.


  • We share resources with several other businesses including tools, work space, packaging and technology. This significantly cuts down on waste and infrastructure costs.
  • We buy our parts in bulk which reduces packaging, travel to/from suppliers, fossil fuels used in delivery and paperwork.
  • Electronic billing saves reams and reams of paper every year, not to mention envelopes, paper and stamps.
  • Electronic payments available to all clients' reduced the need for mailing back paper checks, this helps reduce the cost to our clients' and paper usage all around.
  • Electronic bill payment to 90% of our vendors reduces even more paper usage.
  • We recycle cardboard, paper (after shredding) and plastic.
  • We reuse packaging from our vendors and installation trips to reduce waste.
  • We recycle all scrap metal and prototypes that do not make it to production.
  • We donate books, office supplies, and everything else we can, to a handful of charities (Habitat For Humanities, Keep Franklin County Beautiful - Waste Not Center and Goodwill) for reuse.