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Each day before you start quilting you need to do a little maintenance. This will soon become automatic. You need only do this warm up once a day after a long break, such as overnight.

Move your machine away from anything you have mounted.

Wipe down the rails on both your carriage and your table with a soft cloth. It is important to keep the two rails that your sensor wheels ride on free of lint, dust and oil. Any of these will cause the wheels to slip and give incorrect readings resulting in uneven stitches. Occasionally use rubbing alcohol to clean your rails.

Next check that the sensor wheels themselves are clean and have no thread caught around their shafts and that there are no cracks in the rubber o rings.

Remove the bobbin case and clean out that area. Unthread your machine back to before your take up lever. Now oil your machine - one drop at each oiling point, a few more in any larger reservoir and don't forget the bobbin area. (You should oil your bobbin area an clean out the lint periodically whilst you are quilting too.)

Power up your machine. How many beeps did it make? If it made two, you need to change this. What do the two beeps mean and how can you change that? See page 8 in the user guide "Motion Detector Feature" You need to disable the motion detector feature in order to warm up your machine.

With the motion detector feature disabled, park your machine at the side of your table. Set the dial to just beyond 10 stitches per second towards Max. on the constant speed side of the control panel. Place a paper towel ,or something similar, under the front of your machine on the carriage to catch any splatters of oil from the bobbin area and stop them from getting on the front sensor wheel. Press the start/stop button and let the machine run for about 10 minutes. If you have an on-board bobbin winder that you use, this is a good time to wind some bobbins. This period of warm up makes sure that the machine is well lubricated so that it can respond quickly when you are quilting.

Stop the machine after about 10 minutes and thread it completely. You are now ready to quilt.

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